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Yorkool Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets is the unique LLIN brand in China that was tested qualified by World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Commission and recommended to be used around the world. It serves vector control programmes with leading solutions at scale with reduced need for repeat interventions. To date, more than 1 billion people have benefited from best-selling YORKOOL bed nets.
The production technology and technical level are at the worlds leading level, and the global market share has reached more than 10%, and become the only cooperative supplier designated by the world health organization and the global fund in china. Other cooperative international organizations include the World Bank, the United Nations Planning and Development Agency, the United Nations Children Fund, and the International Red Cross.

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According to the UNHCR data, girls in refugee camps enter in junior school 50% less than boys, and the reasons that prevent them from going to school are their "good friends" who come on time every month, “menstrual poverty” and“ menstrual shame”, continues to push them,who should be sitting in the classroom to read, into the abyss of early marriage, early pregnancy and sexual violence. The same thing happens in some poor areas. Local women cannot afford sanitary napkins and can only use rags, which often causes them to get diseases during menstruation. The high consumption of disposable sanitary napkins also greatly increases the cost of aid of NGO. 
Hence, TCR PADS, a reusable sanitary pad, provides a comfortable and hygienic experience for the women and girls.

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