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Who we are

TCR is the subsidiaries of YORKOOL Group, the headquarters is located in Tianjin, China. Due to the production base of the mother company, TCR engage in producing and exporting various netting products, textile products and mosquito-repelling products, including long lasting insecticide net , Indoor and outdoor Mosquito Nets, Camping Tents, Window and Door Net Screens, Agriculture net and reusable sanitary pads, for public health and personal care. we set up the branch in Kenya and we have more than 10 distributors /representatives in more than 20 countries in African, East South Asia, South America.

Our organization

We have our own brands: TCR® Mosquito net, Laurel net®, TCR® Sanitary pads and our Group brand YORKOOL® long lasting insecticidal net, which is today one of the most comprehensive on the market. Our products are then distributed to retailers, from supermarkets to small convenience stores, and through other fast-growing channels such as e-commerce and direct-to-consumer.

Our culture

Its expanding mindset – the TCR Mindset – is an impressive blend of forging ahead, health care and integrity: the three key values that underpin our corporate culture. It is reflected in our efforts to break down silos, collaborate across our differences, pool our expertise, streamline our procedures and focus on what is most essential.

  • Our factory

    Our factory is located in Cangzhou Lingang Economic-Technological Development Area, covers an area of more than 70,000 square meters, while the work space occupies more than 22000 square meters and the warehouse 13,000 square meters. We can reach an annual output of 50,000,000 pieces, which is the biggest manufacturer of long lasting insecticidal nets in China. It has been inspected by PQ team of WHO.
    Our company sets “process specification, total involvement, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction” as the quality policy, and has completed quality standard system. We strictly enforce the quality standard of ISO 9000, the quality control is entirely on the basis of quality planning. We take strict control of the receiving inspection, production process inspection, and finished products inspection, and monitor the process of quality building, eliminate the unqualified factors that would be appeared at all the stages of quality links, then finally meet the quality needs of our customers.

  • TCR Headquarters (Tianjin, China):

    7th Floor, Rongchuang Center, No.278, Hongqing Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China.
    : 86 22 2385 7300
    : 86 22 2385 7300 Ext. 807
    : yangjia@tcrtrade.com
    : info@tcrtrade.com

  • TCR International Trading Co Ltd (Nairobi, Kenya):

    PLOT NO.209/116, UFUNDI PLAZA, NAIROBI, MOI AVENUE, P. O. Box 7917 -
    00100 - G.P.O NAIROBI.
    : +254 743 635 118(WHATSAPP)
    : joy.z@tcrtrade.com


    Plot no. 77, morogoro road, Ubungo, Ilala district, Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania
    : Email: info@tcrtrade.com

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